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100 Year Inheritance Episodes 37-38 Recap

Mom slaps Oma. Oma almost slaps her back. Chae Won and Se Yoon come outside. They don’t see the incident. Mom wants to drag her away. Oma doesn’t want to but Mom drags her anyway.

At the café, Mom accuses Oma of following her. She asks why Oma is trying to strangle her, dry up her blood. Instead of answering, Oma asks Mom what she’s hiding. Mom won’t admit it. Chae Won on the phone. Oma answers and tells Chae Won and Se Yoon to go to lunch together because Oma ran into a friend from childhood. Oma decides not to tell Mom about Chae Won being her daughter, although she describes Chae Won as being upright and kind. Mom almost starts to catch on, but Oma declares that she was there because of the noodle competition. Oma demands to know what Mom’s problem is. Mom declares that after *the incident 30 years ago,* Mom provided for Oma so she could live. That’s the only sin Mom’s committed! Oma agrees that because of Mom, *she went abroad and started a new life.* Mom calls Oma ungrateful. Mom tells Oma again not to appear around her again! And stalks out. Oma mutters that Mom was so nice to her 30 years ago. Why did she change? Oma worries what Mom’s going to do when she finds out that Chae Won is her daughter.

EMIL’s at work. Joo Ri calls and tells her to go visit Mom. Because the head of a major corporation can just drop everything to do that. Joo Ri mentions that Mom was cold to her so Mom must be upset over EMIL slapping Se Yoon. EMIL grumbles, Mom is overreacting. Although she would be worse if someone hit Chul Kyu like that.

EMIL heads over to Mom’s, where EAIL is hanging out. EAIL lets her in and EMIL doesn’t remember her. She thinks EAIL’s there as a maid. EMIL’s all nice since she’s Chae Won’s aunt.

Oma’s riding the bus home and thinking about Mom’s last interchange with Director. She declares that Mom is definitely hiding something. What on earth did she steal?

EMILs sobbing about Chul Kyu getting a divorce. EMIL says she’s getting punished by God for how she treated Chae Won. She proposes getting Chae Won and Chul Kyu back together and tries to bribe EAIL. EAIL hesitates, so EMIL gives EAIL her purse. EAIl doesn’t want to take it, because it feels like a bribe, but EMIL declares it’s a gift, because she feels so bad.

Mom arrives home. Because EAIL is there, Mom excuses herself. EMIL grumbles about it. EMIL thinks she’s gotten in with EAIL but EAIL clarifies that just because she’s taking the bag, she’s not sold on the idea of EMIL becoming Chae Won’s EMIL. EMIL leaves so EAIL goes in to visit with Mom. Mom wonders about EAIL changing her tune. EAIL explains that EMIL would probably be a better EIL than Mom would be. Wrong thing to say. EAIL weasels in a requests a job for EUncle.

Chae Won arrives home. Oma is vague as she tells Chae Won she shouldn’t become an obstacle for Chae Won’s future. Oeharabeoji comes out and Oma wants him to go to the hospital. Oeharabeoji just wants to stay and watch them make noodles. Oehalmeoni comes in and yells at him. She’s clueless that he’s sick. She yells at him and tells him he should be nice to his children so he can end up in heaven when he dies. Oeharabeoji sadly looks at her, pained, and leaves the room. Oehalmeoni thinks that Oeharabeoji is not yelling at her because he’s learned his lesson. She asks about the Uncles and Oma says that she and Appa are planning on going to visit them.

YUncle is trying to get a job as a chauffer. His nerves make him fail miserably. YAIL is ticked. EUncle arrives and he’s not so happy. EAIL arrives with the new bag.

EMIL’s reporting what EAIL said to Chul Kyu about Appa not liking Se Yoon. EMIL wants him to divorce Hong Joo. He goes home with a briefcase of cash, US $100 bills, have of his stocks, a building, land on Jeju island, and tries to get Hong Joo to agree to death. He pretends that this *wasn’t* EMIL’s idea. Hong Joo says that she’s taking them all as *gifts.* Not as settlement for a divorce.

Opera Man is at his class, with Auntie sadly playing. He’s announced that he’s going to go on tour and can’t teach them anymore. He sings ‘Farewell,’ and Auntie cries. Flashbacks of their relationship. She starts to loudly weep as the song ends.

Marketing department. Joo Ri’s working and comes across Chae Won’s entry. She throws it in the trash, but Se Yoon sees her and calls her on it in front of everyone. But not in an obvious way. Se Yoon gives the Marketing director money so they can buy a meal. Joo Ri leaves the room and Se Yoon finds her. Joo Ri sharks that it looks like he was born to rescue Chae Won. She’s obnoxious and asks him what Eun Seol would think. How could he forget Eun Seol like this? Se Yoon isn’t defensive or angry and wishes her the same kind of ability to move on that he’s found, also a speedy recovery. He leaves. Joo Ri cries. And I don’t feel bad for her.

Home and Oehalmeoni is still mad. She whines about her kids having to eat someplace else. She goes and sulks in the bedroom. Appa declares that they have to bring the Sibs home. Oeharabeoji doesn’t want to. He passes Appa a bank book and his seal. At the hotel, the Sibs are eating instant noodles and whining. EMIL calls EAIL and she sneaks out. Secretive talking about Chul Kyu and Chae Won.

Dinner at EMIL’s. EMIL is rude to Hong Joo and keeps taking the food Hong Joo tries to eat. EMIL demands Hong Joo get her some salt. Then some pepper. Chul Kyu looks like he’s just waiting for Hong Joo to start yelling. Instead she’s silent. Chul Kyu tells EMIL to cut it out and EMIL throws a fit.

Se Yoon gets home. Now he’s feeling bad about moving on from Eun Seol. But he believes she’d understand. Which she would.

Mom’s thinking about that conversation with Oma. The secret’s closer than ever to coming out. She comes across Se Yoon burning his pictures of Eun Seol. Mom can’t believe it, since Se Yoon used to not let anyone even touch those things. Se Yoon replies that it wasn’t right because of Chae Won and it’s time to let Eun Seol go. Mom asks if Chae Won is that great of a woman, that she helped him escape the pain of the past. He replies that she is to him. Se Yoon takes Mom’s hand, telling her that he grabbed Chae Won because it’s his last chance. Mom asks him to think about it some more, because he’s not experiencing love, but sympathy. He says that it’s not, but Chae Won is thinking that he’s pitiful, too. I laugh. Mom can’t understand that one. Se Yoon tells Mom that she doesn’t know everything, but he puts off the answer of what.

Chae Won is making noodles and Auntie comes home, depressed. Auntie starts crying again. Appa and Oma come out. Oma correctly surmises that it’s because of Opera Man. Auntie declares that it’s all over! Chae Won wants them to not object. Appa can’t believe it, but Oma has changed her mind.

Appa and Oma are pleading with the Sibs to come home. After YUncle declares it a prank, Oma scolds him. Oh, I hope she doesn’t tell them so they can go back because they just love their dad, not because he’s dying. Oma almost caves but doesn’t spill the beans. EAIL whines about the retirement fund. Appa hands over the back book. YUncle asks about Auntie and AILs look at each other and rush over to talk to Opera Man. They discover he’s packing and when they cluck at him, he declares he’s leaving because he loves Auntie with all of his heart, that’s why he’s going. They tell him not to come around after he leaves. He begs them to take care of Auntie and then starts to cry.

Chae Won is cleaning in the factory. Se Yoon calls. She asks about the jelly. He forgot. He tells her not to work too hard on this project, but she replies that she never thought of it as work. Plus, it means they get to talk before they both go to bed.

The next morning, Se Yoon accidentally seasons his breakfast with sugar, which the maid sees, but is fine eating it. Se Yoon leaves early and the maid mentions how Se Yoon’s strange: he’s put salt in his coffee and now he put sugar into the bean sprout soup, like he can’t taste the difference.

Noodle competition. Chae Won’s in the semifinals. Se Yoon’s waiting impatiently outside.

Mom is thinking about Se Yoon said. She’s meeting up with Hyung, who’s in town for a seminar. She asks Hyung about Se Yoon losing his sense of taste. Hyung wonders how Mom found out, since Se Yoon said not to tell anyone. Mom finds out that Se Yoon’s been this way since Eun Seol died. Hyung explains that it’s mental, not physical, and if Se Yoon can let go of Eun Seol, he’ll be able to get his taste buds back. Hyung tells Mom that Chae Won’s going to be the one to help Se Yoon, so please give them her blessing. He’s requesting not at Se Yoon’s sunbae but his psychiatrist. After Hyung leaves, Mom feels terrible for how she made her son so sick. She starts to cry.

EMIL and Chul Kyu. EMIL’s brought Chul Kyu flowers to bring to Chae Won. Chul Kyu’s hesitating because of Hong Joo. EMIL yells at him. Take the flowers home to your wife, dude.

Competition concludes. Se Yoon asks her to wait while he finishes up some work. Outside, Chul Kyu arrives with the flowers. She tells him to get away from her. And he’s grabbing her. Mom arrives and observes the scene. But when she yells at them, its Chul Kyu that she’s yelling at.

Mom comes on Chul Kyu harassing Chae Won, grabbing her. Mom yells at Chul Kyu, asking why he’s forcing himself on someone who doesn’t want him?! Then she asks Chae Won if she’s okay, surprising Chae Won. Chul Kyu asks who Mom is, to interfere with a married couple’s life. Mom yells at him for that; how long has it been since they were divorced?! Chul Kyu asserts that they’re going to get back together, while Chae Won rolls her eyes. He tells Mom to go on her way and Mom is appalled at how he doesn’t even have basic manners! Mom tells Chae Won to come along inside. Chul Kyu grabs Chae Won and Mom threatens to call the police. Then Mom takes Chae Won’s hand and they go inside. Chul Kyu mutters, wanting to know why Mom is now changing her tune towards Chae Won and Joo Ri.

Inside, Mom stops and asks if Chae Won is okay. Chae Won thanks her for her help. She asks if Chae Won is there to see Se Yoon. Mom declares that she also has something urgent to talk to Se Yoon about. Would Chae Won mind waiting while Mom talks to him first and then she’ll send Se Yoon down? You can knock Chae Won over with a feather as she says yes. Mom turns to go and runs into Joo Ri, who brightly addresses her as Mom. Mom is still being cold. But Mom’s nice to Chae Won before Mom goes upstairs. Joo Ri tries to find out what they were talking about but Chae Won walks off.

Se Yoon’s office. Mom wants to talk. Mom mentions that Chae Won will be waiting for him in the lobby. His face says that he doesn’t know how to take that and is a little worried. They sit and he asks if Mom met up with Chae Won. She asks him if he’s worried she did something to her. Mom gets to the point and asks how he could hide that he lost his sense of taste. Mom cries because Se Yoon’s been suffering all alone. He tries to tell her it’s all right. She starts to apologize profusely. Se Yoon tells her that it’s not so bad, he’s used to it. Dad comes in to find Mom crying. At least he didn’t yell at Se Yoon for upsetting Mom.

Se Yoon meets Chae Won downstairs. When Chae Won expresses concern, Se Yoon tells her that Mom found out everything and is now is blaming herself. Chae Won says that it looks like it upset him, too. Se Yoon agrees but adds that he feels lighter now, too, because he doesn’t have to hide it from Mom any more. Chae Won tells him that with her as his tutor, he’ll have his sense of taste back in no time. He smiles and calls her esteemed teacher. Asst Yoon arrives and lets Chae Won know that she make it to the finals! Smiles all around.

Chul Kyu and Joo Ri come home together, drunk. Chul Kyu announces that it’s finished! Joo Ri says that Mom’s being cold. Everyone whines. About what is not important because I don’t care about any of them, except maybe Chul Kyu. A loud yell from Chul Kyu. He’s going crazy!!! He’s now with Hong Joo and calls her a leech! He has no reason to live without his Chae Won! EMIL yells at Hong Joo that if only she’d disappear, it would solve all the problems. Hong Joo fights crying.

Noodle house. Se Yoon arrive with Chae Won, bringing flowers for Oma. Se Yoon tells her that he’s there to eat; will she feed him? Which is why I love him so much. He announces that he’ll pay for the meal with… and he pulls out the flowers. Oma announces that they’re her favorite flowers. Appa arrives and is rude to the friendly Se Yoon.

Auntie goes to visit Opera Man. His apartment is empty, the piano gone. She’s upset and asks him if it’s only been one-sided, the feelings. He yells that it is! She yells, asking why he’s drinking?! He tries to make an excuse. She calls him a liar. He repeats his lies. She leaves, crying. Once she’s gone, he starts to cry, too.

EAIL arrives to see Chae Won and Se Yoon saying goodbye. She hides so she can eavesdrop. They’re really cute as they talk about the contest. Se Yoon tells her a kiss on the cheek will get her 10 points and on the lips, 20 points. She shoves him. He announces he’s leaving, but then sneaks a kiss on her cheek before running off. After he's gone, EAIL comes out and tries to scare her with how horrible Mom will be. EAIL mentions EMIL and Chul Kyu and Chae Won declares she has no intention of starting over with Chul Kyu. With or without Se Yoon. At least she’s learned that lesson. EAIL says that she heard that Chul Kyu isn’t a Mama’s Boy anymore and EMIL is determined to be the best MIL ever. Chae Won asks EAIL if she’s been talking with EMIL. Because she’s smart. At least here. EAIL says that she coincidentally ran into EMIL. Chae Won declares that even if she was dying, she wouldn’t consider it, so EAIL needs to stop mentioning Chul Kyu. Before she can say anymore, EAIL hears Oehalmeoni so she runs off.

EAIL is now talking to EMIL, who is playing EAIL like a fiddle, moaning about how horrible everything is over at her house, with what terrible treatment Chul Kyu’s been getting. EMIL mentions that Mom might be about to accept Chae Won. EAIL declares that that would *never* happen. Satisfied, EMIL gets off the phone. Hong Joo enters and EMIL is really obnoxious and declares that she can take care of Hong Joo without a trace. Hong Joo tells her that she’s not as Chae Won is, so EMIL better not try anything. Upstairs Hong Joo’s façade cracks as she looks at her drunk sleeping husband. She looks at herself in the mirror and asks herself why she’s living like this.

Joo Ri’s up with a terrific hangover. She thinks about Mom being cold and being friendly with Chae Won. How can Mom be so fickle.

Se Yoon arrives home. Mom asks if he saw Chae Won. Sheepishly he admits it. She tells him that he must be tired, so he should go up and rest. He starts to ask her about it, but stops, not wanting to rock the boat. Upstairs, he calls Chae Won and tells her that Mom is acting strange. Mom didn’t yell at him when she found out that he’d been with Chae Won, so he has a good feeling. Chae Won tells him not to get too excited and he clucks at her about her response. She tells him she just doesn’t want him to be disappointed later. After they hang up, she thinks about how Mom treated her, and has to stop herself from being hopeful.

Next morning, Hong Joo has made everyone breakfast. Chul Kyu leaves without eating. EMIL is snotty. So is Joo Ri, who asks her why she’s still in that house. After Joo Ri stomps out without eating, Hong Joo fights not crying. Mrs. Park looks like she wants to cry for Hong Joo. Hong Joo invites Mrs. Park to eat with her, since it’s the last meal they’ll be having in that house. As Hong Joo starts to eat, Mrs. Park weeps for her. And I feel bad for the girl.

Contest Finals. Chae Won and Se Yoon are talking before they start when Dad arrives. He asks Chae Won if her noodle made it to the finals. Although, wouldn’t he already know that? Is the ice really breaking, since he could have easily asked one of the lackeys to get the info, without talking to Chae Won. Se Yoon answers for her, telling Dad that she received the best scores in the first three rounds. So why was Chae Won nervous after the semi-finals? After a beat, Dad turns to one of his entourage and tells them to remove Se Yoon as one of the judges. And I just have to laugh, even as I’m hoping that Dad’s going to do something to formally acknowledge Chae Won right her. Se Yoon immediately starts to protest. Dad says that Se Yoon’s lost his objectivity and goes inside. Se Yoon can’t believe Dad just did that. Chae Won teases him that it serves him right, since he was bragging so much about being a judge. And then she goes in first.

The contest in front of the board starts. As they present, they have to directly face Dad. Chae Won is first. She says she developed the noodles with the guidance from a 3rd generation noodle maker, her grandfather. She mentions how today’s noodles can become soggy quickly. He noodle is developed to overcome this.

At home, Oma is giving Oeharabeoji a massage. He thanks her for being a good daughter when his own children have packed their bags and left after declaring that they hate him. Oma wants him to reveal the truth. Oeharabeoji wants to wait. Oehalmeoni arrives and she and Oeharabeoji are still fighting. Auntie enters and Oehalmeoni mentions seeing Opera Man packing up all his stuff. Auntie immediately rushes out. She makes it there before Opera Man leaves but he’s still cold to her. He tries to leave, but she jumps in front of the van and declares that she’s not letting him go! Opera Man tries to get her to move and she goes even farther by laying down on the ground. She declares that she’s not going to move. Opera Man wants to pull out his hair.

YSibs are sitting in their hotel room. They notice that it’s raining and after a moment yell, “the noodles!” and run out to go rescue the noodles that will be getting soggy. USibs are about to rent a place and they see the rain. They have the same reaction. At home Oma is trying to rescue the noodles. YSibs arrive and start to help Oma bring in the noodles. ESibs arrive. Everyone works to get the noodles inside with Oeharabeoji watching in the distance, with a big old smile on his face. And I’ve got something in my eye.

After they save the noodles, Oma brings them some tea. They ask about Oeharabeoji and Oma tells them that he’s waiting for them to come home. They ask whether Oeharabeoji and Oehalmeoni have made up. Oma says they’re still fighting. Oma tries to get them to go in and say hello. They turn down that idea. But the YUncle says that the smell of flour is making him feel nice and calm. EUncle says that he can sometimes hear the noodle machine in his head. EAIL starts cutting up the dried noodles, although she doesn’t know why.

Hong Joo is leaving. She and Mrs. Park hug goodbye and Hong Joo tells her that she’s like a mother to her. Hong Joo looks around the room one more time and leaves, with the signed divorce paper on the desk. She goes to see Chae Won. Who looks really nice today. Hong Joo says she has a favor to ask. Hong Joo tells her that she’s leaving. She adds that Chul Kyu really has longed for Chae Won. Hong Joo wants her to give Chul Kyu another chance, so that she won’t worry. Chae Won politely turns her request down because she loves Se Yoon.

At home, Dad tell Mom that he saw Chae Won. He was judging her because of the contest. Dad describes her as upright and straight forward. Asst Park also told Dad that she has a good reputation. Except for all the stuff that Joo Ri did to try to ruin it. Most importantly, Dad’s father complimented the noodle factory as being honest and conscientious. Dad tells Mom they should stop now. Mom starts to weakly protest but Dad brings up the past and how miserable they had made Eun Seol and Se Yoon. Dad doesn’t want a repeat. Mom’s still stuck on Chae Won being a divorcee. Dad reminds Mom that Se Yoon said he can’t do without Chae Won. Dad says they should trust Chae Won for once.

Appa and Oma are out on a date. Appa brings up the idea of them moving out. Oma teases him by acting like she wants to. Appa immediately back-pedals so Oma gets to tease him a lot. Oma brings up Se Yoon. Appa admits he likes him and would like Se Yoon as a SIL, but he’s worried that later Se Yoon will turn out like Chul Kyu because of his parents’ opposition. Oma says that Se Yoon would never do that. And why is Appa worrying? Appa pretends to be annoyed that Oma likes Se Yoon more than she likes him. And then they laugh together.

Opera Man’s new house. Auntie is there, directing things. Opera Man keeps protesting. Auntie persuades him, though.

Chae Won’s just got the announcement that their noodles won first place. She’s practically crying. Everyone is really happy. Later, Chae Won’s meeting with the Sibs. She wants EUncle to run the business side of things, since her goal is achieving 10 billion won in revenue in the next two years. YUncle asks about how realistic this plan is. Then YAIL asks what they’ll do and Chae Won wants them to be the plant managers. And Chae Won’s proposing profit sharing, so the profits are shared equally among all of them. Chae Won also wants Auntie to be in charge of marketing.

Auntie’s at Opera Man’s with her bag. She’s run away from home. Opera Man’s going crazy.

Noodle House. The Sibs are back and respectfully bowing and apologizing. Oehalmeoni tells them that she can now sleep at night, since the Sibs are back. Oeharabeoji just thanks them for returning and then goes to his room. The Sibs are worried because of how sicker Oeharabeoji looks. Chae Won goes in to Oeharabeoji and he thanks her.

Se Yoon’s parents have just given permission for his relationship with Chae Won. Se Yoon is so shocked he plops down on the couch. He thanks them, looking like he wants to cry. Dad tells him to bring Chae Won home some time for a meal and Se Yoon eagerly agrees to that idea! Mom gives him a hard time over how excited he is, but inside she’s happy because he’s happy. Big smile on Se Yoon’s face.

Chul Kyu arrives home and there’s no Hong Joo. He notices the divorce papers and how they’ve been signed. He can’t believe it. He quickly grabs the note she left and reads it. She tells him that she did plan to stay on as a leech but it was getting boring so she’s leaving. He thanks her for the divorce! He immediately runs to tell EMIL. Chul Kyu says he can now focus on living well with Chae Won. And they laugh together.

Se Yoon’s arrives at Chae Won’s. She meets him outside and asks him what’s happened. Se Yoon’s all serious and asks her if she has any anti-anxiety medication. He tells her that he doesn’t want her fainting from shock. She’s really trying not to freak out as she tells him to tell her what’s happened. He takes her by the shoulders and, serious, tells her not to be too surprised and to listen carefully to what he’s about to say. She bites her lip. He tells her that Mom and Dad have… [dramatic pause] approved their relationship. Huge smile on Se Yoon’s face. So cheesy! But great. She just looks at him and blinks. He asks her what her reaction is; she’s not even smiling! Chae Won tells him not to tease her like that, because there’s no way his parents would approve their relationship. He protests that it’s for real; why doesn’t she believe what he’s saying? She starts to believe him, but tells him that if he’s lied about this, she’ll never forgive him until the day she dies. And then she starts to get really happy and grabs him in a hug. Oma comes outside and asks why Chae Won’s so happy.

Mom’s sitting up waiting for Se Yoon to get home. The maid brings her a letter that was delivered earlier. It’s from the orphanage, from the Director. Director hopes that when Mom got that bracelet, she regretted her sin and is willing to make that theft from 30 years ago right. But Director doubts it and warns Mom that even if she disregards the letter she’s been sent, the Director asked one of the sisters to give Choon Hee the Director’s diary, which contains all the secrets about what happened. Mom about has a heart attack.

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